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Unity - Virtues and Challenging Times

We've designed a weekly web meeting “The Virtues Program” as a way to ground ourselves in the best of ourselves so that we can face our world from strength.

This week’s virtue discussion was on “Unity”, the act of staying connected and unified, especially during a time of self isolating and working remotely. How do you experience and cultivate one-ness in your world? How do you build a sense of unity within your work team, with your family, friends or community right now?

Whether it be in the workplace or on the sports field, unity is key for productivity, collaboration, innovation and increasing workplace morale. It’s the glue that sticks the team together. When employees are supportive of one another, morale is higher, which leads to increased job satisfaction and job retention.

How can you build team unity in your remote workforce during Covid-19?

  • Acknowledge the mental health impact - create a safe space for people to share their feelings about the pandemic, and, if you’re comfortable, share your own emotional response too.

  • Be accommodating - if someone shares that they are experiencing intense anxiety or distress around COVID-19, it is important to hear them and make accommodations.

  • Increase connection - schedule additional check-in and status meetings, use video chat instead of text or email.

  • Create weekly team rituals - create rituals and traditions that everyone is able to participate in, no matter their various locations or roles. This could be a virtual coffee hour or a collaborative Spotify playlist.

How do you stay connected and unified when you are self-isolating?

Next week’s virtue discussion is on joyfulness, the state of being happy and in good spirits. How can we maintain our joyfulness during changing times?

You can join our weekly Webex discussions by RSVPing to the Virtues Program event here:

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