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The Resilience Project

We wrote the book on resilience...literally!

Technological disruptions, a global pandemic, social upheavals, and global economic volatility. One thing is for certain: change is constant within organizations, as well as the professional and personal lives of leaders and employees. So what can we do to deal with change and leverage it to build up our strengths? How do we recognize and overcome stress, burnout, and weakened productivity for leaders and the larger workforce?

Resilience In The Workplace

Inspiring Leadership that gets real business results is fueled by resilience; a skill that needs to be built up, then strengthened and maintained. Deliberately building a resilient mindset into workplace culture prepares individuals and organizations to be more capable in the face of disruption, unexpected change, and uncertainty. 


Organizations that make early investments in resilience as part of their cultural strategy outperform their competition during times of unprecedented change and uncertainty. Resilient leaders and employees are healthier and happier, improving employee engagement, performance, and retention,  as well as customer satisfaction, and profitability.

“Life throws challenges but with patience and resilience, you can convert every challenge into a new opportunity to grow.”

 – Amit Ray
The Resilience Project

Build a resilient workforce with our award winning program

As part of our core services, we have created a special series of facilitations, webinars, and assessments known as The Resilience Project. Through this program, leaders and organizations learn how to be RESILIENT and THRIVE during the new normal of rapid — and often unrelenting — change.


We know from cutting-edge neuroscience and years of experience in the field that professional resilience is skill that can transform an individual, a team, and an organization.


The benefits of The Resilience Project range from higher employee engagement and executive cohesiveness to greater innovation and heightened strategic thinking. Resilient leaders adapt, change, and take on challenges as powerful opportunities to reinvent and re-empower themselves.

“The resilience work is very effective. I’m seeing that the people we’ve given the Resilience Assessment to are shifting. Every single person we’ve surveyed has said it was a positive experience and that they felt invested in and listened to, and the executive team is making big changes that are helping us work more effectively together despite our differences.”  

- Senior Executive, Financial Services
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About the Resilience Project

  • Our proprietary Resilience at Work Assessment, piloted with over 1,500+ executive leaders

  • Resilience workshops led by trained and trusted facilitors to deepen participants  Resilience capabilities

  • Senior Executive Engagement Sessions

  • Key leader sessions and Resilience assignments

  • Webinar and email support to enable virtual engagement


Resilience For The Individual Leader

  • Resilience skills to help navigate challenges in time of stress and rapid change

  • Methods for spotting and shutting down burnout in yourself and your employees

  • Strategic approaches for shifting team mood, attitude and performance

  • Concrete tools for leveraging complaints and negative team patterns

  • Higher optimism and confidence levels even when faced with unprecedented change

  • Understanding of proactive versus reactive approach in leading team culture

  • Enhanced, “can-do” leadership skills, strengths, and attitude


Resilience For The Organization

  • Increased leadership and team engagement

  • A renewed team commitment to “be the change” they wish to see in the organization

  • Access to tools that can be easily integrated within the existing organizational culture, initiatives and leadership development programs

  • Expanded morale, optimism, and positivity at all levels of the organization

  • Confidence in implementing a proven methodology for developing change-leadership, change-readiness, and team adaptability

  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness during team meetings

  • More results-focused communication across the organization

Find out more about the Resilience Project 

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