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As thought leaders in the executive coaching and leadership space, our SGI team is regularly featured in the media. Check out our latest media mentions below.


Inspiring Leadership For Uncertain Times

By Karlin Sloan

Revised for a new audience in a new era, Inspiring Leadership in Uncertain Times by Karlin Sloan shows you how to break through the fear to survive the long haul and create a fuller, richer, more sustainable organization. Packed with techniques and case studies, you’ will learn:

  • Why businesses must shift gears to social responsibility and collective right action.

  • How corporate giants and small businesses alike bounced back from change and adversity.

  • How to reduce fear-based behaviors, inspire performance, and align your companyaround a larger purpose.

How to ramp up your resilience as an ent

How to ramp up your resilience as an entrepreneur

Elite Business

Resilience, the ability to bounce back from change and challenge, is hard-wired into the human experience.


How to develop charisma in a virtual world

Smart Brief

The rapid change to working from home in 2020 led to many senior executives contemplating how they would influence colleagues through a screen.

Having charisma in business helps to inspire trust and confidence, arguably never more important than now. But what works in an open-plan office or conference room will not necessarily work in virtual meetings. So, how can you hone your executive presence in a virtual world?


Five Tips for Feeling Fab

Families Online

Resilience is the capacity to bounce back from change and challenge - no matter what the circumstances. It’s our instinctive human hardwiring to stretch, to learn, to grow and to take our circumstances and use them to become better rather than crumble under the weight of stress. Resilience means that we can transcend present circumstances by accepting reality and focusing on a positive future.


5 Resilience Tips

From the Covid-19 pandemic to the wave of economic loss, personal loneliness, isolation, and deep uncertainty about what’s in store, this is a time when even the toughest of us can find ourselves struggling with stress. How do we recover despite the changing world all around us? We need to tap into our innate human capabilities of resilience.


Top Business Book Authors Share Tips for CEOs

CEO Today

Influential thought leaders and business heads offer CEO Today their strongest advice for success in 2021 and beyond.


Six New Year’s Resolutions For Leaders In 2021


Right now, leaders will be making their resolutions for 2021. So, what should they be thinking about this year – given all the challenge and uncertainty that undoubtedly lies ahead? Here six leadership experts share their thoughts.


Mind MOT: Ways To Boost Your Energy And Feel Happier

Minute Hack

SGI Photography.png

10 happiness hacks to help you through lockdown

Red Online

The latest wave of lockdown restrictions are proving even more challenging for many of us.  At times like this it can be difficult to stay positive, so we asked 10 leading experts to give us their top tips for lockdown happiness.


1-On-1 with Karlin Sloan

Thrive Loud Podcast

Karlin Sloan believes that business leaders have a responsibility not just to make their organizations better, but to contribute to the world in a positive way.

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