• Leadership Top 10, 2019 for HR Technology(Leadership 500 Excellence Awards)

  • BestExecutive Coaching Consultancy 2017 (Global Excellence Awards)

  • Best Executive Coaching Program USA 2016 (Mid-Market Achievement Awards)

  • Leadership Top 10, 2015 (Training Industry Watch List for Leadership Training Companies)

  • Top 5 Midsize Leadership Partner/ Provider, 2015 (Leadership 500 Excellence Awards)

  • Leadership 500 Excellence, 2014 (Leadership 500 Excellence Awards)

  • Thought Leader of Distinction in Executive Coaching, 2014 (Association for Corporate Executive Coaching)

Sloan Group International offers the comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge necessary to create solutions to your leadership development challenges. Sloan Group International provides customizable leadership development services to clients worldwide delivering global reach with local expertise. We are dedicated to having clients experience personalized care and attention through our pool of local talent, while also being backed by a global organization and community of experts.

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Why Clients Choose Sloan Group International

Our Clients Choose Sloan Group International...

  • Because it’s lonely at the top - and we understand the peaks and perils of modern organizational leadership.

  • Because we have global reach and local talent.

  • Because our SloanRanger™ engagement management technology captures aggregate data anonymously –preserving confidentiality but delivering valuable metrics, including ROI for Executive Coaching

  • Because we've cracked the code on Executive Presence from our proprietary assessment to small group learning programs and one-on-one coaching.

  • Because we have award winning, proprietary, research-based programs and leadership tools (assessments, books, workshops, webinars, and programmatic coaching).

  • Because we have smart, results-focused practitioners who care about doing great work.

  • Because we have long term collaborative relationships that add value. 

  • Because The Resilience Project™ is mission-critical to keeping employees agile, flexible, and positive during times of change and challenge. 

  • Because our account managers take time to provide insights and support on a regularly scheduled basis.

  • Because we have a strong mission & values orientation and we are committed to having a positive impact on all of our stakeholders.


Inspiring Leadership

Since Sloan Group International began in 2000, we’ve been a values driven business.  Our Mission?  Empowering Good Business Through Inspiring Leadership. Because Good Business is more than increasing the bottom line. Good business means contributing to the world in a positive way, enhancing the lives of employees, customers, and community members, and making a positive difference through what we have to offer.

We are committed to Appreciation of Unique Strengths, Clarity, Contribution, Gratitude, Sustainability and to Being the Change we wish to see in the world.  We are here to make a positive impact on our clients, our community of practice and the world at large, and part of the way we do that is through Triple Bottom Line measures of success. 


Pro-bono Projects, Matching Grants Programs

We provide pro-bono consulting as well as charitable donations to organizations that make a positive impact on children's education for kids who wouldn't otherwise have access to learning. Organizations we've supported include School the World, Shanti Children's Foundation, and the Bali Institute for Global Renewal.


Tree Planting and Carbon Offsets

Since 2008 we have planted over 13,000 trees in the USA, Africa, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Australia. We are also committed to carbon neutrality and provide annual offsets for our entire operation, including our extended practitioner network.


Creating a Sustainable Economic Engine

We care about our employees, our clients, and our practitioners. In order to provide best in class opportunities for our organization, we're committed to work practices that enliven and enrich all of stakeholder groups.

Appreciation of Unique 


We understand that one style doesn’t make a whole team. We embrace difference and elicit contributions from multiple stakeholders. We believe in a “whole brain”approach, and a global perspective. We believe in working from our strengths and in honoring uniqueness.


We contribute to the welfare 

of our clients, to each other, to our greater community and to the world as a whole.


We endeavor to make our work simple, straightforward, and smooth. We strive for clarity in all of our communication, both written and verbal. We follow clear procedures, focus on a clear vision of the future, and we challenge our clients to do the same.


We practice being thankful for our work, our colleagues, and our prosperity. We integrate ways to ritualize and celebrate gratitude.


We are committed to economic sustainability, to work practices that enliven and regenerate, and to contributing to a sustainable future. 

Diversity and Inclusion

We know that diversity fuels a global perspective, and we are committed to inclusion across race, gender, age, religion, identity and experience. 

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