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Difficult People.

Difficult people are everywhere. You may even be one of them sometimes!

John is a new employee in the office. This is his first job, out of school. He’s young and nervous. He won’t stay focused on anything. He cannot seem to stop talking. It’s very distracting, and very hard for his supervisors and co-workers to steer him back to the task at hand.

In any profession, you will find endless stories about difficult bosses, co-workers, and clients; the ones who are annoying, the ones who are cranky, the ones who are high-maintenance, the ones who are jealous of your success, the ones who are dissatisfied with life in general.

No one likes dealing with difficult people. Unfortunately there is no shortage of them. People can be difficult to work with for any number of reasons. Understanding their reasons makes it easier to work with them.

If you can just learn to either ignore them or appease them in a detached way, you may learn to survive the day.

The experience of working with difficult people, though not pleasant can prove beneficial, giving you necessary skills, you might not ordinarily develop.

• You learn to see things from a different perspective

• You learn to be more assertive

• You learn new skills to empower yourself, like tenacity, determination, and resilience

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