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Change Leadership

In editing the re-release of a book I published ten years ago about change leadership during times of crisis and challenge (now titled Inspiring Leadership for Uncertain Times), I was struck by how these rules for leading change are evergreen based on the basic needs of employees and customers.

The four practices of ALIGNMENT should guide us during times of change and challenge for our organizations. These include:

  • Accept what is, and focus on the future

  • Build relationships and community

  • View challenges as opportunities

  • Practice physical and mental discipline

It is in the most stressful moments that leaders are most important. In a crisis, others look to you for answers, for a calm mind and a strong perspective. They want to hear that they’re part of something larger than themselves, that you’ve got their back, that we’re all for one and one for all, and that we will help each other get through the crisis and potentially become stronger for it.

People need to know that you will be truthful, you’ll tell them what’s happening, and you’re moving the organization toward a positive future state.

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