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UNFEAR Practice #2 – Build Relationships & Community

In order to activate UNFEAR we need to practice! One of the four keys to UNFEAR is building relationships and community, and I got to focus on this practice all week, so it’s on the top of my mind. This past week was full of exciting events for me, specifically some great community and relationship building time for those of us kicking off the UNFEAR revolution!

After a long long wait, the launch has finally happened for getting UNFEAR: Facing Change in an Era of Uncertainty into the world at a wonderful event (at a great community building venue) – Catalyst Ranch in Chicago, Illinois.

The first thing you notice walking into Catalyst Ranch is that although it is the home to many corporate retreats, the environment is warm and homey. Multiple people commented on the “living room” vibe, even in a venue with seating for 75+ people.

We had a series of speeches, one where I welcomed everyone, and two from people who’s stories are featured in the book – and wouldn’t you know it there was not a dry eye in the house afterward! Particularly when Jay Beckley talked about SMyles and UNFEAR. We are planning an exciting event with the SMyles Scholarship Fund, where we’ll be letting you know the perfect day to purchase the book, and for every book sold we’ll donate $1 to the SMyles Fund. What a great way to build relationships and community. Stay tuned for more information. The SMyles Fund provides scholarships for Detroit kids, takes ice-cream to high school football games, and fun play days for kids of all ages! Their dedication to making the world a better place makes me really excited to contribute. Stay tuned for more information!

How do you build relationships and community at home or at work? So many of us are overwhelmed and overworked – and we need to stop and smell the flowers, and focus on our support system. What people make us stronger, happier, more connected? How do you find them and keep in touch with them? Leave your comments here…

Here are five easy ways to build relationship and community this week:

Take time to write a thank-you note to someone. Bring food to a company meeting. Call a friend you haven’t spoken with for awhile and say hi. Notice when people do a good job, and tell them. Ask someone for help when you need it.

Experiment, and enjoy!

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