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UNFEAR in the New Year – Part Two

Greetings dear readers. Finally, it’s 2011. I have no idea if anyone else feels this way, but 2010 for me was a chance to slog through a lot of challenges and delays, and I’m excited for some movement in this new year. The first step – launching my new book, UNFEAR: Facing Change in an Era of Uncertainty. It’s my hope that it will reach exactly the right readers at the moment they need a pick-me-up, a practical tip, or a story of someone who has been there and lived to tell the tale.

I was inspired to write this book by my coaching and consulting clients – all leaders in corporate settings who have been struggling with new levels of complexity, uncertainty, and change.

I think doing a great job in leadership in this “era of uncertainty” requires us to slow down, to think more effectively, and to cultivate practices that keep us grounded and clear in our messages and our decision making as we lead our organizations forward into a positive future. Over the next few months I’ll be posting some tips, stories, and tidbits from UNFEAR and from the research that brought it to life. I hope you’ll join me in the dialog, and I invite your comments, thoughts, challenges, and musings as you take part in the UNFEAR revolution.

Happy New Year!

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