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Resilience at Work: Announcing the RAW-Q!

Finally, we have launched our awesome new RESILIENCE AT WORK QUESTIONNAIRE (the RAW-Q)!!  Congrats to fellow authors Alan Graham, Ph.D. and Kevin Cuthbert…this is a long time coming. It has taken us quite a few years to get this baby researched, tested, programmed, designed, revised, and finished! Want to take it online? You can do so by going to – yippee!

The Resilience at Work Questionnaire looks at our unique strengths in how we adapt to and bounce back from change and challenge.

We can succumb to stresses and trauma, or we can rise above them. Despite how it may feel, the choice is yours to make. That’s empowering! Resilience is surviving and thriving; it’s the ability to make the lemons of our experiences into lemonade. The tartness of lemons just needs the counterbalance of a little sugar to make some great lemonade—just as resilience comes not from what happens to us, but from how we react to what happens to us.

Attitude shapes everything. If you’ve lost an account, a job, a promotion, a relationship, you can either let the negative impact eat you up, or you can try and find the positive lessons and changes this trauma presents. Make challenge into opportunity. It’s all about attitude.

It really is true that no one can make you feel bad except yourself, so remember that you are in control of how to react to trauma at work. You can turn it around for the better. It may seem next to impossible, but once you take that first baby step towards making that lemonade – you’ve found resilience!

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