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Reliability - Virtues and Challenging Times

“The most successful people I know are also the most reliable.”

Wayne Gerard Trotman

We've designed a weekly web meeting “The Virtues Program” as a way to ground ourselves in the best of ourselves so that we can face our world from strength.

This week’s virtue discussion was on “Reliability”, the act of showing up and coming through as planned. We all strive to be reliable, but how do we cope with all of our competing priorities and show up and meet our many commitments?

As people we inherently value reliability, whether it be in our internet service provider, method of transport or coworkers. This means greater efficiency, peace of mind, stronger relationships and greater results.

Reliability starts with leaders. Successful leaders realise that being consistently reliable builds trust, increases confidence and ensures efficiency in the workplace. They inspire trust, confidence and accountability in their team.They understand how people perceive and regard their reliability can greatly impact their careers, opportunities and abilities to successfully deliver.

Here are four habits of a reliable leader we should all be practising each day:

  • Always be on time

  • Be clear on expectations

  • Remember to follow up

  • Be a conscious communicator

So how reliable are you? Are you punctual? Consistent with your interactions? And do your team understand exactly what is expected of them?

Next week’s virtue discussion is on “Unity”, the act of staying connected and unified, especially during a time of self isolating and working remotely. How do you experience and cultivate one-ness in your world? How do you build a sense of unity on your work team, with your family, friends or community right now?

You can join our weekly Webex discussions by RSVPing to the Virtues Program event here:

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