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Personal Resilience Planning

Greetings readers!

  1. Choose an area that you really want to work on: Think about things that you personally want to change, enhance and develop. For instance if you are impatient you may want to list that, or if you tend to be self-critical that may be something to look at in your journey toward resilience.

  2. Be picky: Tailor your choice of activity to your current lifestyle and be picky about when you work your plan. If you are burned out from working long hours, you may have trouble finding time during the day to complete an exercise that is time-demanding. Be picky about what works.

  3. Use your strengths and skills: People who base their person-activity fitness decision on his or her strengths and skills will be more likely to follow through on the intervention and experience success.

  4. Work the plan: Much like physical excersize you need to literally and metaphorically show up and work at your plan each day and each week. Even if you feel yourself slacking – actually especially if you feel yourself slacking – be sure to commit to the plan and you’ll see results.

  5. Have fun: One of the most important tips of all – have fun and don’t make this journey arduous and painful. I’m a major fan of fun. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi has researched and written about “flow,” a mental state in which a person is fully immersed in an activity. When you choose an activity that looks like fun and you “throw” yourself into that activity, you will optimize your learning and performance.

We’ve created a planning document within the Resilience at Work Questionnaire (the RAW-Q) and it’s available now at!

So in that spirit – work your plan!

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