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Launching The Resilience Project

Greetings Dear Readers, and Happy New Year 2012!

With 2012 comes a new project for me and for Karlin Sloan & Company – The Resilience Project. I feel like we’ve been working on it for many years & it’s finally here. Yay us!

Our goal with The Resilience Project is to provide the tools for leaders and their teams to thrive during change and challenge.

We believe in five principles that guide our thinking:

1.) We all crave positive, engaging workplaces. When we experience those workplaces, we do our best work, and everyone benefits.

2.) The most engaging workplaces are the ones that are consciously working to develop and leverage the strengths and skills of their people.

3.) Developing strengths and skills shouldn’t be limited to technical expertise, it should include helping people to develop their capacity for management, leadership, and collaboration.

4.) Developing RESILIENCE – the ability to bounce back from change or challenge – is the single most important management, leadership, and collaboration skill for a new era.

5.) Resilience can be taught, and we know how!

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