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How can we do right by our exiting employees?

With 51 Million Americans unemployed how do we do right by our employees when there are mass layoffs and we know there are limited jobs for them to go to? Traditional outplacement programs are focused on resume building and outreach to find new job placement, and many of them include a desk in an office where one can work on their job search.  In this time of Covid-19 that model is expensive, irrelevant, and demotivating. We’ve spoken to managers and leaders who have been “made redundant” during this economic and health crisis, and we know what they’re looking for. To a person, those we’ve interviewed want a place to connect to others and build a community of support their future. They want individualized attention and a compassionate voice of reason who cares about what happens to them and offers structure, care, and a way forward.  We’ve created an easy to use online community that leverages 1:1 coaching and a positive psychology curriculum to help build hope, efficacy, resilience and optimism in the face of significant change.  We help outplaced people to find their strengths, gain confidence and find a bridge that can help them through a difficult time. How can organizations benefit? When outplacement is done right, with respect and care for those who are exiting the organization, those people go on to be brand ambassadors and to have a positive experience of the company doing the right thing.  For more information visit "In all my years in HR, never have I seen such a well thought out approach to outplacement. What I really like about it is how positive it is. Generally when someone has lost their job they are really down in the dumps. This is uplifting and brings hope for the future. To be honest, I kept looking for a place to find something missing, or something not quite right, where I could offer some form of constructive criticism. Sorry – I just can’t. This nails it."​ - L. Chrostowski, former head of HR, global financial services

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