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Positive Career Transitions Program

During times of organizational and societal change it's important we provide support for our employees - including those exiting the organization.

The transition process can be difficult and emotional for both employee and employer, and we know it’s important you do the right thing by your people. Demonstrating genuine and ongoing assistance to transitioning employees is a practical way of achieving positive outcomes during times of change.

Our online re:invention program helps employers manage this difficult transition process, ensuring employees move toward new chapters in their career with confidence and positivity. With our suite of accessible and current online outplacement programs, you can be sure staff are equipped with the skills, knowledge and emotional resilience they need to prepare for the future.

A New Kind of Outplacement

Our virtual outplacement program is based on the principles of Appreciative Inquiry, Positive Psychology, and whole brain learning; as well as the extensive experience and knowledge of our executive and career coaches. 


Our commitment is to deliver a career transition/outplacement solution that assists participants not just with their resume and job applications, but with their confidence and positivity in the face of change. The re:invention program supports traditional job search, freelancing, starting a small business, entrepreneurship and retirement. This helps participants explore their options and prepare for their future. 


A four month self-guided program. The outplacement program helps exiting employees connect with their values, motivators, priorities and options for their next steps in their career.


Participants develop a resume / CV, leverage online networking tools, and engage in other practical modules, with action items to be completed between each session. Each participant also receives individual or group coaching (depending on client customization) to help participants go deep in creating the vision for their future.


Participants have access to the online tools and networking options for another 8 months in order to support and develop their capabilities and connections.

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The Four Re:invention Program Cycles


Undertaking career self-assessment; acknowledging that concerns are normal; remembering gifts, strengths and talents; and discovering entrepreneurship.


Includes opportunities, options and possibilities; researching options; staying positive and future focused; and when in doubt, flow.


Includes designing your search; defining your personal brand/resume building and online profiles; and creating a healthy transition.


Includes interviews and networking; commitments for the future; and a closing session.

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*In addition, all participants will receive a 12-month membership to the Inspiring Leadership platform that will provide them a professional community going through transition as well as a wealth of leadership best practices to prepare them for their next career move. 

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"In all my years in HR, never have I seen such a well thought out approach to outplacement. What I really like about it is how positive it is. Generally when someone has lost their job they are really down in the dumps. This is uplifting and brings hope for the future. To be honest, I kept looking for a place to find something missing, or something not quite right, where I could offer some form of constructive criticism. Sorry – I just can’t. This nails it."
- L. Chrostowski, former head of HR, global financial services