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An Executive Presence Story

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

I was with my client "Bill" today. He runs 60% of a listed industrials company and is the successor to the MD. He is 37. He is a true talent, identified as part of the succession program, responsible for a significant part of his company, a market leading listed entity.

He told me that he presented to the quarterly national executive review meeting yesterday (the Board, the executive and next level senior managers) on his recent attendance at a 6 week executive course. After his presentation the head of marketing and the main advisor to the MD approached him to say, “that was your best presentation ever, in fact one of the best I have ever seen!”. Bill was happy but said to me, “it was good to hear, but the real impact of the EPI for me is in every day. I listen better because I am not always trying to fill the space, I pause to reflect and give my thought bubble time to develop, I am more effective and I am better able to see if the message is getting across”.

The results we're seeing from this program make a powerful difference, and it's my privilege to share this story - one of many that we've had since launching the Executive Presence & Influence program.

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