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Celebrating Thanksgiving – At Work

Today we had a regular semi-monthly conference call for my team, and we opted to focus our meeting on the same updates we normally would (sales, new policies/procedures, updates, client work, new product and service launches, etc.) but to do so from the perspective of giving thanks for what we have. We were grateful for our clients, for our pipeline of new business, to the team for getting their paperwork completed and in on time each month, for each other. During a time that can build up a great deal of stress (end of fiscal year, everyone going on holiday soon), it was a welcome respite!

There is something very special that happens when we practice gratitude. (which is one of our company values). It “broadens and builds” the positive as Dr. Barbara Fredrickson, a popular positive psychologist would say.

Gratitude does a number of things. First off, it focuses us on what’s working. It gives us a perspective that promotes joy and well being. It helps us realize how good we have it!  Our latest research on resilience shows that resilient people are excellent at reframing situations to find the positive in them. Practicing gratitude is one simple, life-affirming way to get us there.

Thank you readers, I’m grateful to connect with you via this blog, and look forward to letting you know all about LEMONADE and the RAW-Q, both of which are officially launching shortly! Stay tuned…

And if you are inspired, let me know what you’re grateful for at work! I’d love to hear from you.

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