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App Review: Working Mom’s Best Friend

Today was my first day of travel for work since bringing my daughter Tsering (2 and a half) home to join our family. I now know what every working mom feels like when they leave their kids – a combination of relief to have an adult conversation, guilt for being away, and sadness because we’re not together.

I discovered a working moms (or dads) best friend: FaceTime.

After facilitating an offsite with an unnamed executive team today I got back to my luxurious hotel room and immediately called home on FaceTime and had a video chat. Tsering and Charles were both so excited to see me, and Tsering was jumping up and down clapping her hands and saying “Mommy!! I love you!!!” She’s never said that before…I get misty eyed just thinking about it! We sang a little song and clapped our hands and she said “bye bye!” Wow! I am awestruck all over again. Cool, huh?!

It could be a commercial for Apple products. For those who’ve asked, it’s available for iPad, iPhone 4, and for the mac on the app store.

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