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Resilience & Confidence

John Grisham was a small time lawyer trying to make it big. He didn’t get any of the good cases, just the boring, mundane stuff. He says he spent much of his day loitering around pretending to look busy. One day, he happened upon someone else’s big case. It was an emotionally moving rape trial. He watched as the audience was moved to tears from her heart-wrenching testimony.

It moved him. That night he scrawled “chapter one” on a legal pad. Three agonizing years later, A Time to Kill was born.

“I had never worked so hard in my life, nor imagined that writing could be such an effort. It was more difficult than laying asphalt, and at times more frustrating than selling underwear. But it paid off. Eventually, I was able to leave the law and quit politics. Writing’s still the most difficult job I’ve ever had — but it’s worth it.” – John Grisham


Commitment and confidence go hand in hand. You are committed to something when you have an interest in it. This will cause us to delve into, and learn as much as possible about it. Do it as much as possible. Small successes invariably will bring confidence.


Victories or successes, no matter how small, will add to our confidence. But in order to make these happen, we must move outside our comfort zone. Be willing to try new things, be willing to fail.

A valuable, yet, painless first step in understanding your own resilience is taking your RAW-Q at

“Swim out of your little pond.” Rumi

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