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Resilience at Work

Greetings from the road. I’m en route today to beautiful San Diego CA to pilot our new Resilience at Work Questionnaire – the RAW-Q!  It’s taken a few years to get this researched, tested, and completed, and we’re finally here.

Once we’ve got the pilot completed a retail version will be available online and I’ll provide the details. For now, I’m just thrilled to hear from a live audience how they like the report structure.

As we have conducted our research on at Resilience at Work, we have looked at all the research to date on resilience, and we’ve spoken with hundreds of leaders about how they cope with change and challenge. We’ve come up with a very simple model that can help individuals and teams to use their strengths and address their weaknesses in this area, and we think it’s high time for this work.

In most of the organizations I work in, I’m finding that not only are people busy coping with all of the change that’s happening internally on their teams and in their business units, but they’re also coping with the bigger picture – changes going on in the grander scheme. How many people do you know who are helping aging parents? Folks with college kids who can’t find jobs and need to move home? People with stress-related illnesses or chronic health issues? How many people you know are concerned about the global economy? Their own stock portfolio? Their own viability as a worker?

What we need now is a good dose of resilience.

More shortly!

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