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To date, more than 2000 leaders have taken the Resilience at Work Assessment.  Login to take your assessment and get a report that will show you your strengths and challenge areas in terms of your ability to cope with (or thrive during) times of change or challenge.  The Resilience at Work Assessment report is designed to provide valuable insights into what you can do to expand on your strengths, tell more positive stories, and develop parts of you that can help you to lead and manage better.  We all need resilience, but leaders in particular need to understand how resilience – or change readiness – can make them and their organizations successful over time.

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The ability to instill trust and confidence in your people, even during times of disruption or discontent is an invaluable skill in business.  How do we do that as leaders and managers? Through something called Executive Presence. 

When we think of Executive Presence we often think of leaders who command a room, who have a certain ineffable quality that gets people to follow them. We often think of those with Executive Presence as great speakers with a strong personality, but what is it really? What enables one leader to grab people’s attention and get them to take action when others can’t?

Executive Presence might be something you were born with - something natural and easy for you that comes from deep within.  For most of us it’s not innate, it’s something that’s carefully honed and developed over time. It is important to note that Executive Presence is a skill, not a trait, which makes it teachable and means it is something that you can learn. 

Executive Presence requires us to understand and use our own mindset, coupled with the confidence to apply a range of communication methods that best enable people to see, hear and understand you, and for you to be able to do the same for them.  Great leaders make other people feel heard, understood, and inspired to take action. That’s real Executive Presence. 

This brief self-assessment is designed to provide insight into the four types of presence, where your strengths and challenges lie, and what you can do to develop the most important elements of Executive Presence. 

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