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Resilience Attributes: Are You Really Collaborative?

Resilience requires us not just to be flexible and adaptable, but to have supportive relationships with others who can help us when the going gets tough. Supportive relationships aren’t all about helping each other through challenges; sometimes they are about breakthroughs, innovations, and excellence in results!

I seriously doubt Blogger employee, Evan Williams thought he would be partnering with, then-rival-Google employee, Biz Stone. But the social networking world ! When Blogger was sold to Google, the two joined forces. Stone even followed Williams when he left the company. The two, along with fellow Odeo engineer came up with the idea for Twitter.

Most big ideas are the result of collaboration of some sort. Imagine how many people need to get together to make the movie you watched last week!  Things just work better when more brains and hands are involved. We need other people for support.

There is nothing more invigorating than the exchange of ideas to get the creative juices flowing. Hearing your ideas reflecting off of others, hearing new ideas, working in tandem creates a certain energy.

  1. Learning together

  2. Group problem-solving

  3. Helping each other get unstuck

and of course, two sets of hands are better than one.

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