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Purpose = Performance

What makes you get up early in the morning to go to your job? Does your work have a meaning besides paying the bills? What would change if you had a clear vision and knew exactly why you worked? You knew you were changing the world for the better, even if only on a small scale. How would that affect your day to day?

Working just to pay the bills is uninspiring. For right or for wrong, we tend to get resentful that our lives require a humdrum job. Don’t think this doesn’t show in our performance. That’s why having a purpose or a mission, something we can be excited about, can be so life changing. It will affect everything that you do. If you can’t find one, by all means, cut your losses and move on.

People with a clear vision for their work experience and knowing they are making a difference are magnetic. Clients love them. It is very hard to say no to someone who is really excited about their job.

When you know the WHY, the HOW seems to fall in to place.

Think of all of the companies that are thriving today, Apple, Starbucks, Zappo’s, these are companies that people are talking about and have a visceral reaction to. They all have a clear vision. That’s how they got there. They know what it took to achieve their goals, because they knew why they were attaining them.

Pick your purpose, and the rest will fall into place.

Of course you can align yourself with a bigger vision or a charity or maybe even begin your own philanthropic organization. But your purpose can be as simple as to provide the best customer service to your existing clients; show the best leadership to your staff.

Do you sell a product you really believe in? Then pioneer the way to being the best at selling it.  Are you selling a product your heart isn’t really into? Then find your purpose in being the best at your role in the company.  Remember that all jobs have dignity if they are done well.   

You don’t have to be a CEO to develop a purpose statement. Anyone can do it. Just think of how would you like to be remembered; what values would you like most associated with you? Philanthropy? Kindness? Generosity? Pick your core values, and use that as a frame for your personal mission statement. By realizing and making your core values your motivation, you will make a difference with the people you work with…and they’ll notice.

To find out more about Values Assessment and a deep dive into your personal or organizational values and purpose, contact KS&C at,  or go to  THE RESILIENCE PROJECT.NET.

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