We've built a robust online community designed to build leadership and management capabilities, community, and resilience. 

According to Infopro, 84% of organizations anticipate a shortfall of leaders in the next 5 years.  Those same organizations say it’s important to develop leaders at all levels, but only 5% have fully implemented development at all levels. We have the solution. 

A coach in your pocket - get exclusive access to the world's best coaches, content, workshops and events!


For 20 years we've been known as an elite executive development firm. Via our new online community we can now reach and develop leaders and managers at all levels. 

Support your rising leaders, managers and teams through basic subscriptions, private cohort groups, individual learning journeys, and custom coaching programs. Our community offers a solution for hybrid and fully virtual leaders and managers to connect, collaborate,  level-up and engage in developing core strengths and skills. 

Dedicated to Building Resilience Across Organizations 

Did you know 77% of employees globally are experiencing burnout at work?  Here at Sloan Group International, we literally wrote the book on resilience. We know what it takes to lead and manage during change and challenge, and have seen an unprecedented need in these uncertain times to support leaders at all levels. 


We know that resilience requires a supportive community, and it can be difficult to build supportive and collaborative culture in a virtual environment.   Our Inspiring Leadership Community is designed to build skills and capabilities while creating a more resilient workforce. 


Support your managers enterprise-wide.

Give all of your managers access to: 

  • A subscription-based development portal and online toolkit.

  • Connection with like-minded leaders to share peer support and learning.

  • Award-winning content through our proprietary management development programs.

  • Banishing burnout through our 21 Day Resilience Challenge and additional resilience training and coaching.

  • Thought-provoking events with leadership experts.

  • Custom private branded group programs for your unique cohort groups.

  • Custom one-on-one coaching programs for high potential leaders and managers.

  • Easy access desktop and mobile app to take with you anywhere.

Included in Your Subscription

Our cutting-edge and award-winning programming is based on the principles of adult learning and online engagement. We blend high-tough experiences via webinar and chat with drip-learning content that gives your managers a practical toolkit for managing and leading people, resources, and strategy. 

Give all your managers access to: 

  • Monthly Inspiring Leadership Book Club

  • Monthly drop-in hours with our Top Coaches

  • Monthly events with leadership and management experts

  • The Virtues Program: Character Strengths for Challenging Times (weekly drop-in all year long)

  • Our award-winning Resilience at Work Assessment 

  • Proprietary management development content for new managers, team leaders, and potential successors


Add Custom Programs

Add on any of our customer leadership programs. We can create a private space to lead your whole team through any of our top-level programs.

  • Executive Presence

  • Resilience at Work Program

  • Strategic Mindset


Schedule a complimentary call with to how our Inspiring Leadership Community can support your organization.