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Coaching Speciality:

Wayne's experience as a three-time CEO and prior C-Level executive at two Fortune 500s brings a unique background to his sixteen years of coaching CEOs and C-Level executives. A former CEO client says, "Most coaches are not former CEOs and don't have the background to provide the insight you can. You have an incredible ability to "tune in to the specific needs of your client. If there's an issue lurking beneath the surface, you'll uncover it and probe in depth."

Wayne's broad industry exposure in his C-Level positions (manufacturing, services and finance) has led him to comprehend the cross-industry commonality of leadership issues. Coaching nationals, natives or residents of 32 countries has honed his cultural sensitivity.

Wayne's coaching style focuses on short and long term goal achievement and the sensing of destiny, for the individual client and the organization. He provides heartfelt support of his client's goals, respect for their values and dedication to their growth.

Wayne has also served as Board Chair for seven government and not-for-profit organizations.

His major coaching engagements include clients from A. J. Gallagher, Alliance-Bernstein, A. P. Moller-Maersk, Barclays, Bank of America, Berkshire-Hathaway Home Services, Bloomberg, Deustche Bank, GMAC, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, IEEE Computer Society, Legg Mason, Marsh McClennan, McDonald's, Nokia Siemens Networks, Quest Diagnostics, SAIC, Sylvan Learning, Thermo-Fisher Scientific, T. Rowe Price, UBS, Under Armour, Vectrus and Virgin Atlantic. He has also coached and/or facilitated at DOE, FDA, FDIC, CMMS, NASA and the Wharton Advanced Management Program.


I first truly got to know myself when I identified and connected with my passion. I seek to know that in my clients. I've found that once identified and connected, those reservoirs of passion enable me and others "to rise up as with wings of eagles" again and again, regardless of the challenge. This is the great gift!

Coaching Approach:

My coaching process:

  • Exercise for coachee, to determine his/her personal goals
  • Qualitative 360 interviews with direct reports, peers, boss and key contacts
  • Feedback to coachee from 360, identifying themes rather than sources
  • Identification of possible goals from 360, integration with personal goals and agreement on a manageable set of goals
  • Setting a timetable for goal accomplishment
  • Holding coachee accountable for goal accomplishment

Business Background:

I am a three-time CEO after having served as a C-Level in two Fortune 500 companies. Industries where I have experience are grocery manufacturing, restaurants, childcare and commercial finance. Positions held have been Group Operations VP; Chief Administrative Officer; VP, Acquisitions and Strategic Planning; Director, Human Resources; and Manager, Labor Relations.

Top 5 Industries

  • Banking/Finance
  • Food & Beverage
  • Insurance
  • Shipping
  • Transportation

Top 5 Specialties

  • Building Leadership & Org. Resilience
  • C-Suite Leader Coaching
  • Experience as a Senior Executive
  • Experience as an Entrepreneur
  • Coaching for Executives in New Roles