• We offer discounted consulting for educational institutions.
  • We offer pro-bono consulting for community based organizations.
  • We annually match grants for selected not-for-profits.


  • We annually plant trees via  We've planted over 8000 trees to date.

  • We are committed to being completely carbon neutral by purchasing carbon offsets annually to address our carbon footprint. Find out more at 

  • We are a 100% virtual operation.
  • We maintain a paperless back office.


  • For both our SGI team and for the clients we serve, we are committed to helping organizations achieve economic sustainability, to work practices that enliven and regenerate, and to contributing to a better world through Inspiring Leadership.
  • Since our founding in 2000, we've grown from a small NYC-based consultancy with five people, to a global network of 300+ top tier coaching practitioners as we continue to grow we re-invest in building the highest-quality, best service, and in cutting-edge approaches to delivering on our promise. 

"School the World" INITIATIVE

I was overwhelmed by the number of incredibly talented Sloan coaches who volunteered to coach me pro-bono and help School the World. It reflected such a generosity of spirit. I can’t wait to bring the Sloan talent to bear as we take School the World to the next level!
— Kate Curran, Founder & CEO, School the World

Creating Lasting Change: School the World is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization founded on the belief that empowerment begins with education. Our goal is to provide access for quality education to those living in the rural villages of Central America. Together with local governments, our partners and deeply engaged parents, we provide young children living in the poorest communities the opportunity to learn so that they can work towards a brighter future.

Founded in 2009, School the World broke ground at its first school in Guatemala. Since then, we have built 45 primary schools, trained 201 teachers and enrolled over 5,000 students in Honduras and Guatemala. 

School the World is one of the first NGOs to mandate community partnership. They require municipality to contribute 50% of the costs and the community must contribute land and unskilled labor. We also require the parents to participate in parent education programs; even our supply chain of books and supplies depend on partial parental contribution. Our goals is to expand to other developing countries and replicate the model of success we have witnessed in the last 6 years to bring about change through education.

"Shanti Children’s Foundation" INITIATIVE

The support of Karlin and of the Sloan Group International community has made all the difference for our small non-profit. I’m not sure we would still be here without your love, encouragement and vital financial contribution. On behalf of the children whose lives are being immeasurable improved ( helping them meet the hard challenges of a modernizing Nepal), I thank you with all my heart.
— Pam Whitworth, Executive Director, Shanti Children’s Foundation

For almost twenty years Shanti Children’s Foundation has been educating needy children in Nepal through individual sponsorships.  At a time when there is so much bad news in our world, these children are a ray of light.  For a small investment annually, one can bring hope into their lives and the possibility of a brighter future.  For less than $900 a year SCF can house, feed, clothe, and educate a child who would not otherwise have access to these things. Education gives them survival tools as they step into the modern world. It keeps them safe from trafficking and other forms of abuse. Over time, increased literacy will also help lay the groundwork for a more stable Nepal.

"Bali Institute for Global Renewal" INITIATIVE

Thank you Sloan Group International for donating your time and energy to our growing efforts in offering ‘transformative learning for the whole world.’ Such great value for our team develpment, support with our individual leadership programs, and game-changing strategic planning efforts. Deeply appreciate your commitment with helping us grow as global social entrepreneurs.
— Marcia Jaffe, Founder and Chairman of the Board.

Bali Institute for Global Renewal (BIGR) is the first global learning organization based in Bali that explores cultural immersion, service learning and deep dialogue to empower students, groups and organizations in their quest to make a difference in the world. BIGR includes a consortium of universities, international organizations, NGOs, thought leaders and consultants who promote a sustainable, humane and culturally-diverse life for all.