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Our customers depend on us to provide an exceptional service. We do our best to meet and exceed their high standards.  You'll get personalized attention, evaluation, and support from your team which enables the organization to leverage strenghts, meet goals, and develop leadership capacity and capabilities. Read our testimonials to learn more and hear what our customers say about our efforts.

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When we begin work with a new client, we assign a single point of contact, a Client Relationship Manager, who can help you to create the right program for your organizational needs. It might mean sourcing coaches worldwide to help develop senior executives, creating a high performing teams program across a division, or just getting a group workshop together to develop resilient leadership. Whatever your leadership and culture development goals, we can help.


Sloan Group International received a 95 (out of 100) overall score on a 2015 Dun & Bradstreet Past Performance Evaluation that included feedback from six of our largest clients from 2013-2015!  


Client Testimonials

My executive coach saved my career.
— Operations Director, Advertising

I’ve brought Sloan Group International into two organizations now, and I highly recommend them. Top tier coaches, easy to work with, great flexibility and customer service, and they can staff coaching engagements in most locations globally.
— Chief Talent Officer, Executive Search

As senior executives in one of the largest companies in the world, our group is responsible for creating the future and driving this industry forward. Sloan Group International has made sure we have a level of excellence, focus, and resilience in our team that will help make leading the future of the internet possible.
— Media Executive

I highly recommend [SGI coach] as an executive coach. I was extremely satisfied with our work together, and its impact on my visibility, recognition and effectiveness across the organization. In fact, we had a pivotal conversation that is probably why I was promoted to VP.
— VP, Fortune 100 firm

Coaching helps me to be more consistent and to help me focus on my goals to be a better manager and better lead my team. With all the change that is constantly happening I think it is crucial for us to stay focused on our goals and for our teams to focus on their goals.
— Vice President of Sales, Technology

Karlin’s talents are multi-dimensional. Karlin is engaging, thoughtful and passionate about her work with people. Karlin has a graceful way of getting to the heart of the matter and peeling back the layers that may be in the way of leaders achieving the best possible outcome. I have both participated and observed her work with individuals and groups and each time everyone leaves in a better place and space with a new sense of confidence in their abilities. Both of her books UnFear and Smarter, Faster, Better are excellent and ‘must reads’. They are filled with insightful approaches that can be replicated with your own teams. Like Karlin, the books are inspirational.
— Leadership Development Executive, Public Sector

[SGI coach] is an outstanding coach and professional. She has an incredible balance of intelligence and intuition which makes her highly effective in her role as a coach and a leader. She is very good at providing ideas on “practices” to help break habits and old patterns. I feel like she has helped me map out both strategies AND execution plans to become a better leader. I can actually measure my progress based on the work that I have done with her.
— Senior Director of Regulatory Affairs, Pharmaceuticals

The resilience work is very effective. I’m seeing that the people we’ve given the Resilience Assessment to are shifting. Every single person we’ve surveyed has said it was a positive experience and that they felt invested in and listened to, and the executive team is making big changes that are helping us work more effectively together despite our differences.
— Senior Executive, Financial Services

My SGI executive coach helped me to learn to identify when my emotions were leading my decision-making and also how that was having an adverse impact on those around me. With her guidance I learned to be a better listener and collaborator and work on answering thoughtfully as opposed to being reactionary. She provided many tools that helped me to foster better relationships within my team and my peers. At the conclusion of this assignment, I was able to adjust my communication style and tone such that I could be seen as more approachable and have a better impact on those around me. I feel together we achieved the desired outcomes.
— Chief Financial Officer, Healthcare

I can say with certainty that I have become much better at biting my toungue when appropriate. I can get in my own way because I tend to be a perfectionist and expect perfection from everyone around me. My coach has helped me to think before I speak and to remember to be patient with my team and with my colleagues on the [executive leadership team]. I’d say it’s made an impact on what I’ve accomplished this year because I’m not making enemies. My 360 ratings improved, particularly with my boss and direct reports. I’d credit those improvements to coaching.
— Chief Information Officer, Technology

Sloan Group International are rather unique. They first listen and then prepare a response to your needs. There are no pre-packaged shortcuts. If you are willing to listen and respond in kind, the results will be amazing and swift.
— Director of Operations, Publishing

My Sloan Group International coach is helping me to turn what seems to be a daunting transition into a fun journey of growth and development. She has a real talent for providing whatever support you need in the moment – from a voice of reason to an unwavering advocate; or a bird on your shoulder telling you not to get so bogged down that you forget to have fun along the way!
— HR Executive, Consumer Products

Executive Coaching gave me the courage to address a very tough strategic issue to the advantage of clients and colleagues. This had a multi-million dollar impact. Really.
— Senior Vice President, Advertising Sales

[After Executive Coaching] I have deeper client relationships, my business is less manic, and retention of business increased.
— Senior Executive, Media

Sloan Group International has been instrumental in helping develop a program to support cultural development within our organization. By starting with the strengths our leaders bring in Resilience we have been able to create a positive approach to evolving our culture to a set of common values that resonate with leaders at all levels within our organization. We are leveraging a set of powerful, well-researched yet simple tools to empower our leaders to engage their teams and achieve success in alignment with our goals.
— VP Human Resources, Financial Services

We have had four executive team facilitations in the past year so I was dreading this one [the first time working with SGI]. It was the first one that actually did anything. We got the issues on the table for the first time and started actually working through all our complaints. I was surprised and I know this is going to make a really profound difference as we continue the process.
— Chief Operating Officer, Financial Services

Sloan Group International has been a great partner in helping our organization by providing high-caliber executive coaching solutions for the last several years; their vast and diverse network of expert coaches allow us to customize the coaching experience for our senior leaders. Their consultation in helping our leaders select the right coach for their needs and their commitment to ensuring tangible results from the process have allowed us to accelerate development for our top talent.
— Internal Coaching Program Manager, Financial Services

[Executive Coaching] made me think of myself as a brand and helped me to make strides to build equity around the brand. It also reset my straight talk approach. I am bound less by politics and can address people as they should be - as adults and senior people versus people that can be talked down to.
— Senior Executive, Technology

[SGI coach] is an outstanding coach and professional. She has an incredible balance of intelligence and intuition which makes her highly effective in her role as a coach and a leader. She is very good at providing ideas on “practices” to help break habits and old patterns. I feel like she has helped me map out both strategies AND execution plans to become a better leader. I can actually measure my progress based on the work that I have done with her.
— Senior Director of Regulatory Affairs, Pharmaceuticals

We engaged Sloan Group International in 2004 as our global coaching provider. We chose SGI because of their depth of expertise in media in addition to their strong reputation. We have found that SGI coaches clearly understand our industry and agency, and that SGI as a company has a unique level of professionalism and excellence that most coaching organizations do not possess.

The positive response to executive coaching and SGI as our strategic partner has been overwhelming. Coaching program participants are actively working with their coaches to change behaviors, better communicate among their peers and across the agency and have a sense of greater job satisfaction. As one of the participants myself, I can attest to the positive coaching experience and desired results. It’s a pleasure working with SGI and also to recommend them.
— VP Leadership & Organization Development

My coach helped me manage upward and downward better. I have been more focused on maintaining better boundaries between my responsibilities and those of my team. I’m leaving more in their court to manage their own progress. In addition, she’s pushed me to be more open and direct about prioritizing communication upward.
— Director of Sales, Media

On behalf of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), I’d like to thank you for joining us to share your insights with our senior agency leaders. From the start, you demonstrated a desire to understand our agency and to translate that understanding into an Executive Leadership Seminar (ELS) that was both timely and relevant to our audience. Your program, entitled “Leading a Resilient Organization — In Every Challenge, There is an Opportunity,” was much needed during these times of sequestration, organizational changes, and challenges to do more with less. Your small-group activities and take-aways were powerful tools to enable agency leaders to learn about themselves and their own resilience during the session, and many have already requested electronic copies of the handouts to use with their teams upon returning to their offices. Our participants were also delighted to receive your latest book, Lemonade: The Leader’s Guide to Resilience at Work, and are looking forward to implementing your insights as we move forward as an agency to turn lemons into lemonade.

You should take pride in the knowledge that your presentation has had an immediate impact on our organization from the top down, beginning with the 183 leaders who participated locally or remotely. In fact, our Deputy Executive Director for Corporate Management noted that he used your problem statement exercise on Tuesday afternoon following the training to help him with a challenge. In addition, our Acting Assistant for Operations mentioned that she has already integrated the “take-aways” into her team meetings.

Based on the 19 evaluations received to date, the feedback from this ELS has been among the best we’ve received, with an average overall satisfaction score of 4.4/5.0. I wanted to share with you some of the comments we’ve received from attendees:

• Take-aways will help with staff immediately.
• Exercises were very, very useful and provided ideas that can translate into teams within my Division. During the one exercise, I learned more in 5 minutes about two of my colleagues than I knew in the many years I have worked with them. Sharing stories of resilience fostered community building.
• I also enjoyed the video case study and receiving a copy of the book
• Instructor’s knowledge and experience, as well as her ability to relate the topic to the audience; her practical approach with specific take-aways was great.

Again, thank you for sharing your expertise with us and for creating a meaningful and impactful presentation specifically designed to address our needs.
— Ben Ficks, Chief Learning Officer and Associate Director Human Resources Training and Development, OCHCO, US NRC

I was not sure I wanted to stay in my job. As a new parent I was having doubts that I could keep it all together. Having a coach really changed my perception of my job and let me start enjoying work again. I started to connect what I was doing at work to the welfare of my family and honestly, I was able to recommit to the company. It has made a profound impact on the kind of leader I am, because I’m taking the time to think about my legacy - who I really want to be. I’m not just slogging through each day wishing I could go home because I know why I’m doing what I’m doing. I know this was a big investment in me, and I think they’ve gotten their money’s worth and then some.
— Director, Consumer Products

Sloan Group International’s key point of differentiation is that it has highly, highly qualified coaches who are exceptional at what they do. I have been very satisfied. My experience working with my coach has been fantastic. She cares enough to tell me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear. My organization has benefited tremendously from my work with her. A big part of my mission when I became president a year ago was to transform this organization as a business, as well as the people side. Morale was low, and profits were down 40%. My coach helped me to focus on the right things and to engage people. In one year’s time, profitability is up 60%, net sales are up 14%. People engagement, according to our global measure, improved 50% in nine months. I couldn’t have done this without her. In the past, I would have tried to do this “myself.” I would have figured out the issues, and told people what to do. [my coach] got me to understand that it’s not enough to tell people. It may take longer but it’s more effective when they come to the conclusions themselves because they will own them and become actively engaged in the solution — a big win. This is a company that I would recommend to anyone at any level.
— President, Business Unit, Multinational Consumer Products Company