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Susan is a master executive coach, trainer and facilitator.  She specializes in leadership development and supports clients to build individual and team strategies for better collaboration and results.  Susan passionately partners with clients to develop a keener sense of self-awareness, yielding much greater impact in their roles and organizations.  Susan’s 17 years as a coach and consultant; plus her extensive leadership experience, as the President of Stand-Buys, Ltd., a fast-paced entrepreneurial business, and corporate experience as a Vice President of Account Management/Sales with CUC International, gives her a unique perspective in understanding a wide variety of client environments. 

Susan has coached hundreds of top senior executives in her tenure. Recently she successfully coached a Vice President in a top 100 CPG company. The goal was to prepare to be promoted to the Global Chief Procurement Officer. The coaching agenda supported him to broaden and deepen how he leads his current teams, while developing new ways to lead and build exposure and confidence for his own leadership brand, and the goal was met when he was promoted.   In another successful coaching engagement, Susan supported a significant leader within a global pharmaceutical company.   The leader has been managing a team for years that was on the “ten yard line” to get FDA drug approval and the team was not working well together. The coaching engagement transformed the leader’s interpersonal skills and emotional IQ abilities.  The team came together and the drug was approved by the FDA.  The leader was promoted and moved to another high profile global assignment with the goal of pulling together a new team created from a recent acquisition that needed to align how they work together.   

Susan collects feedback from client stakeholders, giving clients candid and unbiased input – the information that stakeholders think about their leadership style, but may never express directly.  Susan is well versed in many assessment tools and uses them artfully to support leadership development.  She naturally connects the dots between client needs, stakeholder and tool feedback, to open up new ways of leading and creating real behavioral change for her clients.  Susan’s clients describe her as open-mined, curious and as someone who “effortlessly connects with clients to help them uncover how to move up to their next level of success and organizational contribution”.  The work might include exposing blind spots, encouraging greater use of natural talent and strengths, or revealing more of their true self on the job.    

Susan is a passionate lifelong learner and continuously adds to her knowledge and understanding of human behavior.  She holds the elite Master Certified Coach designation from the International Coach Federation and numerous other certifications, detailed below.