Stephen Light

Coaching Speciality:

I am a Leadership Expert who focusses on helping leaders identify their leadership gaps and working with them to grow their capability. I create awareness and skills transfer that allow Leaders to build more empowering relationships that drive results.

I am skilled and knowledgeable in a variety of communication and conflict models and have mastered the practical application of these in the conversations that leaders need to have on a daily basis that drive performance.

I work with teams as a trained systems team coach with the approach of quickly identifying what the barriers to results are, skilling them to understand how and what conversation to have and aligning the teams potential to their goals, moving them forward in a way that is more effective and sustainable.

I work with leaders at the highest level across major corporates in Africa, the UK and Europe and who face challenges that require new ways of being. I guide these leaders through leadership approaches that drive this change.

My areas of focus are confidence, self-esteem and presence. I help leaders grow these inner qualities, using neuroscience as a platform, that allows them to quickly make a personal and lasting impact.


I spent the majority of my growing years behaving in destructive ways and not taking any responsibility for my impact. I justified this away by believing I was right and trying to prove others wrong. One day I woke up and I made a choice. I needed to change and through my value of self-growth, I have spent the past of 15 years investing in myself to make me a better person for me and for those in relationship with me. This has allowed me to grow others.

The process of self-growth had me shift from owning a multi-million pound company, into a career of working and serving peoples growth. It has focussed my attention on self-leadership which allowed me to learn practical ways of applying models and tools to change my life and the lives of those I work with.

I grew my self-esteem and confidence, accepting who I am and believing in myself which allowed me to take a bold step and move my family from South Africa to The UK where we started our lives all over again. I realised that any change is possible if you believe in yourself, are willing to commit to something and to work at it.

I have invested in my health and am a long distance runner (having run over 70 marathons), keen mountain bike rider and a match official for the RFU where I am exposed to rugby union at a high level. I enjoy managing the emotional turmoil that comes with the pressure of operating at such a high level.

My biggest achievement has been raising twin daughters who are emotionally mature, who have high self-esteem and who are confident in who they are. I know this is my legacy and I have set them up for a wonderful life where their own unique brand will thrive and shine.

Coaching Approach:

I am an Executive Leadership Co-Active Coach. I have a wide toolkit and am able to use models and tools that are relevant to a Leaders challenge. I am practical in the application of these models and tools, working with leaders to understand their issue and how best to apply what works to get the desired changes they need.

I work with Leaders to identify what their internal barriers are (limiting beliefs), help them clear these and grow more empowering beliefs that allow them to take different actions that lead to the change and results they desire - An inside out focus of coaching.

I use the latest insights from neuroscience (David Rock's SCARF model / Matthew Lieberman's Social Brain methodology / Amy Cuddy's work on Presence / Mark Bowdens work on non-verbal communication) to help individuals understand how their social brains work. I help leaders understand how they interpret the world, the impact they are having and the impact they can have on relationships and the people they lead. I share practical strategies to help Leaders shift their impact through being conscious and intentional about how they show up and lead.

I believe relationships are built or broken one conversation at a time. Every conversation we have, we either add value to, or take value away from the relationship. This philosophy has allowed me to work with numerous communication and conflict models to upskill leaders with the right tools to have the necessary and challenging conversations they need to have. I specifically use Crucial Conversations which allows individuals to fully understand the power of listening to understand and responding in ways that build relationships and that has people move willingly towards results.

I have a systems approach to relationships where I work with relationship issues that block performance. I use the work of Arnold Mindell and John Gottman to help individuals and teams identify toxic behaviours and limiting ways of being in relationship. I guide them to redesign more empowering ways of being in relationship that allows them to flourish, thrive and handle conflict more effectively.

Working with me will be a dive into a refreshing new world where you will have a champion who challenges you, calls you on playing small and has your back when it feels like it isn't working. I who will push you and guide you towards the change you seek and will have you walk away feeling empowered, renewed and confident to face the challenges that life throws at you.

Business Background:

My career started as a Sales representative and quickly moved into Marketing for a large multi-national blue chip company where I worked with leaders of industry learning and understanding how to manage portfolios of brands, agencies, budgets and teams of people.

I moved into a role in an agency where I was given free reign to run my own portfolio of business within the boundaries of the company and grew and managed relationships with clients, acquiring budgets of up to £5 million, helping clients spend these effectively on their brands.

I started my own events company with a partner and within three years we had grown into a multi million pound company servicing major corporates events and PR needs.

I had a life changing moment and moved my career into growing other people and that is where my life started being on purpose and my coaching and facilitating career took off.

I have been coaching and growing leaders for the past 13 years in Major corporates. Their growth directly impacting the bottom line.

Top Specialties

  • Change Management/ Leadership
  • Communication and Influence
  • Creative Conflict/ Conflict Resolution
  • Executive Coaching
  • Executive Team Alignment Facilitation

Top Industries

  • Banking/Finance
  • Communications
  • Food & Beverage
  • Investment Banking
  • Not For Profit
  • Telecommunications