Twenty Ways to Deal with (Too Much) Change at Work


Twenty Ways to Deal with (Too Much) Change at Work

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If you are not experiencing rapid change, you may be the only one! Most of us are coping with fast changes at work, be they cultural, regulatory, process, or simply the people we work with. We live in an increasingly global, “always on” world that requires us to adapt and flex to deal with new or unforseen circumstances. Get ready - it’s not stopping any time soon. 

This short book, written by Karlin Sloan, contains exercises that are designed to:

  1. Move you out of survival mode into contributing your gifts to the world
  2. Make you more effective in life and work as you reduce stress and increase clarity, support, purpose and positivity
  3. Get you back to balance if you’re thrown off course
  4. Provide a roadmap when things feel chaotic or out of control
  5. Develop your personal resilience - your ability to bounce back from and thrive during change or challenge 
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