Individual Assessment: The Resilience at Work Assessment

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ResilienceatWorkAsessment - cover.jpg

Individual Assessment: The Resilience at Work Assessment


The Resilience at Work Assessment is an online tool that provides individuals a Leadership Resilience Profile report that highlights their individual strengths and challenges in the context of change. 

Sloan Group International created this tool to provide our executive clients with insight into the resilience traits of their organization's leaders.  As a global leadership development firm focused on senior-level executive coaching, we have consistently found that the number one challenge facing the executives we work with is the rapid pace of change in their organizations, and the need to help their people respond effectively to changes in strategy, markets, resource availability, workforce, and customers. 

The Resilience at Work Assessment is a carefully researched and validated diagnostic tool that provides a snapshot of leadership resilience attributes, strengths, and areas for development, and can help to identify the early warning signs of derailment.  

We have now used Version 1 (the Resilience At Work Questionnaire "RAW-Q") and the new and improved Version 2 (Resilience At Work Assessment "RAWA"), launched in January 2014, with over two thousand individuals, teams, and organizations going through change.


Results: The Resilience at Work Assessment helps leaders develop their ability to adapt and flex with change, thrive with challenge, and to transform themselves, their teams, and their organizations.


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