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The Executive Presence Self-Assessment is an insight tool that can shine a light on your own self-perception. It can also provide direction for focusing your own development in the arena of executive presence and its impact on your leadership. 

A 2012 survey of 268 senior executives conducted by the Center for Talent Innovation determined that “executive presence self-assessment” accounts for 26% of what it takes to be promoted into leadership positions. Being perceived as having leadership potential is key to being considered for (and promoted into) leadership roles, and this requires a baseline of self-confidence, self-awareness, and charisma that get one noticed in a positive way.

We believe that executive presence self-assessment is made up of four distinct areas of focus that can be learned and developed. Executive Presence Self- Assessment is not just innate - it can also be learned, and each area of focus gives us a place to start the learning process.

The simple report that participants receive upon completion of the assessment is designed to allow executives to work with a coach, learning partner, or on their own, to enhance their Executive Presence. The report also provides sections for notes in order for the executive to capture insights and ideas. 


Results: The Executive Presence Self-Assessment helps leaders gain insight into their self-perception and discover ways to develop their presence as an executive or leader. 


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