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Coaching Speciality: Over a span of 19 years, I have worked with leaders and managers at different stages of their career in people-intensive industries. 

I believe each individual has a primary set of skills developed over years of experience in a certain field. I also believe that each individual has a set of dormant skills they may or may not actively apply, or even be aware of. 

It is these dormant or nascent skills that I like to help coachees unpack through dialogue and intervention to achieving specialty, as well as become sturdy generalists. This motivation and sense of self-worth as a valuable & valued professional is unparalleled.

 Story: I have often been asked whether I compromised my role as a mother of two, even as I achieved success as a professional. 

I have felt judged and I have felt patronized, not only on the personal front, but also by well-meaning colleagues and managers. 

My moment of truth came one day when I overheard my young child express his pride in me when talking to his friends about his mum's success at work, even as she made time to tell him a bedtime story before putting him to bed every night. 

Throughout my career, I have encouraged young working women to believe in themselves, to lean on one another and harness their strengths to seek their goals without apology. 

We all have it in us to stand tall & juggle multiple hats - all we need is the reassurance that someone has our back.

Coaching Approach:  Active listening is the bedrock of any successful relationship. Each person encounters a diverse set of situations and life experiences, and often these experiences are the best coaching tools. 

Another tool I find very effective (and use often) when working through situations is Ishikawa, or fish-bone - a quality tool used extensively in the manufacturing industry which I apply to identify areas of opportunity, their causes and possible outcomes.

I continue to leverage a mix of approaches and methodologies, coupled with the above, in different coaching relationships.

Business Background:  I have worked for over 19 years in the Services industry, having started my career as a Graduate Management Trainee with the Taj Group of Hotels, India's premier hospitality chain. 

I have held several leadership positions as a Business Leader and People-Manager in organizations like - where I set up North India Operations prior to it becoming South Asia's largest digital entertainment company; MphasiS, as an Operations Manager for 3 lines of business; Hewlett-Packard Services (formerly HPS) as Associate Vice-President & Global Account Delivery Leader for 3 Delivery Centers across India, China and Romania; IBM as Deputy General Manager for Business Operations across 2 locations in India, and in my last role at Aon (formerly Aon-Hewitt/ Hewitt Associates) as Director for Benefits Delivery, as Business Leader and P&L owner. At Aon, I held the additional role of Internal Communications Leader across a population of 7k employees across 3 locations in India. 

I left Aon after close to 8 years in Q1 2016 to take a sabbatical and invest me-time to pursue interests like gardening and painting, which I never had time for in a no-break career!

Education, Certifications, Faculty, Publications

  • Certified as an internal global coach & facilitator for the following, as part of the organizations I worked for:
  • Diversity & Inclusion - Power of World Views & Building Bridges (Aon)
  • Compliance - Anti-Sexual Harrassment (Aon)
  • Behavioral Interviewing Skills (Aon)
  • Project Management Learning Program (derived from PMP - Aon)
  • Manager Skill Development - multiple internal programs at Aon
  • Change Management - (IBM)
  • Harassment-free Workplace (HP)
  • Best Work Environment (HP)

Industry Experience

  • Internet/Web

Areas of Expertise

  • Communication and Influence
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Managing and Leading Change
  • Strengths-based Leadership Development
  • Women's Leadership