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Dr. Samuel R. James has spent the last thirty years working as an executive coach and organizational consultant to executives and their teams in Fortune 500 companies. He has worked with scores of leaders and their teams to align the latest research in organizations and executive development using practical and actionable strategies. Drawing from his academic and organizational backgrounds, he has created methodologies established on evidenced-based data that quickly and accurately identify behaviors that improve performance. His emphasis on strategic leadership helps executives establish a vision, set clear priorities, create a climate for others to succeed, align short-term tactics with long-term goals, and create strategic leaders in subordinates.

As an organizational development consultant, Sam specializes in working with new and existing teams. With new teams he works closely with the senior manager to create a “white paper” that lists the team’s goals and objectives, roles and responsibilities, needed resources, and constituency partners. Once the plan has been carefully designed and vetted, he assists the senior manager in on-boarding the members of the team so that they have specific and aligned assignments. With existing teams he works with the senior manager and the team to assess the team’s structure and direction and identify anything that is impeding their effectiveness. In both cases he works closely with the senior manager and the team to deliver results. Sam has also designed process improvement plans as well as facilitated short- and long-term strategy meetings for organizations large and small.