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Robert Sabini is an attorney and social entrepreneur with extensive experience in corporate and real estate law. For over two decades he was a partner in two major law firms located in Santa Barbara and Marin County, California, where he represented clients in real estate transactions involving office buildings, retail centers, apartments, residential properties, farms and ranches. Robert was the chief operating officer for a real estate development company with commercial projects in six western states. More recently he has represented several clients in establishing major private equity funds to invest in green real estate. He has served numerous corporations in the varied roles of board member, general counsel, and organizational consultant.

As an attorney, businessman and consultant, Robert has directly observed the high personal and financial cost of conflict and unresolved disputes. Through teaching mediation and nonviolent communications skills, he presents an effective alternative for resolving workplace conflict. Robert draws extensively upon current breakthrough research in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, and mindfulness practices to demonstrate how habitual reactions and behavior patterns can be understood and changed. Furthermore, he reveals how the energy of conflict can be redirected and lead to heightened levels of creativity and organizational innovation.