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Ray specializes in helping underrepresented and diverse leaders spring into new leadership and entrepreneurial challenges. Ray brings a deep and broad background in coaching leaders of global teams to: identify and build upon their unique leadership strengths and assets, redefine leadership to allow for broader ways of displaying leadership competencies, craft, execute and measure an individual leadership development plan in a concentrated time period, increase effectiveness and innovation of global teams across differences in distance, culture and, perspective.

Ray spent the first 25 years of his career as a training program designer and facilitator, specializing in leadership development, management skills, managing across cultures, and solution selling skills. He formed his own diversity consulting firm in Boston in the 1990s and served U.S.-based public-sector clients locally and nationally. He has led global and national learning teams in both the corporate and public sectors, at organizations such as Wells Fargo, Kaiser Permanente, Ericsson and Instruction Set (a small startup that designed the first iteration of KaplanCollege.com.)

Ray uses a light, supportive approach to guide leaders through huge shifts and changes. Ray uses creativity, humor and improvisational techniques to help clients change their perspectives and get ‘unstuck' as leaders. As a gay Latino man, Ray strongly believes that every leader must find their own way to be a leader, and that traditional forms of leadership must change as we broaden the view of who leaders are and what leadership looks like. Ray also believes that neutral assessment is a crucial skill most leaders need to practice (instead of beating themselves up!). While each engagement is tailored to the client's unique needs, Ray encourages clients to: leverage and consider the best data on their performance (e.g., 360 assessments, performance reviews, oft-received feedback, gut feelings and intuition) to inform their goals, clarify leadership development areas and define clear metrics for measuring success, develop the simplest and clearest path to growth, and celebrate success and learning in a kind, structured way.

Education, Certifications, Faculty, Publications

  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Coaches Training Institute, August 2011 
  • Trained Leadership Coach, Linkage, Inc. Coaching Leaders Program, 2008 
  • Certified facilitator, Interaction Management series, Development Dimensions International 
  • M.Ed., Instructional Design, University of Massachusetts - Boston 
  • B.A., Sociology, Clark University, Worcester, MA 
  • High School diploma (math/science focus), Stuyvesant High School, New York, NY


  • Computer Technologies
  • Consulting
  • Not For Profit
  • Professional Services
  • Technology

Areas of Expertise

  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • High Potential Leader Coaching
  • Leadership Development Program Design
  • Strategic Planning Facilitation
  • Strengths-based Leadership Development