Coaching Biography:

  1. I coach best in areas where executives deal with significant ambiguity, need to navigate internal & external stakeholder dynamics and need to build long lasting client relationships.
  2. Industries would be consulting, technology, shared services, BPO, services and fast scaling funded start-ups.
  3. I work best with coachees who are struggling to navigate key stakeholder relationships (internal or external) or dealing with a step-change role or those who are faced with large growth & scale challenges.

I belong to a unique generation in India that has its linkages with two worlds - one was with the socialistic pre 1991 economy where resources were treasured, middle class & 'sense of entitlement' were still emerging terms, the other world being the fast growing post liberalisation economy with immense opportunities, increasing per capita income and access to best in class resouces & infrastructure.

This exposure to these two worlds gives me and most of our generation a balanced perspective (for those who care to take a step back) and an ability to constantly be dispassionate about what we achieve. From a professional perspective, that means an ability to continually not take anything for granted, value what we have and be able to recognise what I as individual bring and what the environment & circumstances bring. I believe this allows us to be on our toes and be able to deal with challenges better and navigate the environment better.

This has also allowed me to constantly challenge myself and grow personally & professionally in the process. As an accounting graduate, I was headed to be a CA/CPA. I worked for a few years in finance and then changed paths to get an MBA. Started my post MBA career in consulting, did that for two years and then my background didnt allow me to be comfortable with just advising and not building anything concrete. This led to my switch to joining a small young team building a BPO business at Infosys. Faced with the Goliaths of the IT & global service firms, we set up and scaled multiple businesses that led to a plethora of learnings & personal discoveries for over 10 years.

I then realized that I had grown too fast and again my background & the environment I grew up in helped me realize that. Changed tracks and challenged myself in a different industry doing a technology role & helped set up an India team for a UK based financial services start up. After that then followed by calling to do something in the market I live in and over the last few years have been helping early stage ventures in India start, build and scale businesses.

Constantly aware, constantly learning and constantly being a go-giver rather than a go-getter are my mantras!

My coaching approach is not based on pedagogy. It is not based on having been a student of coaching methodologies; it is based on the following simple tenets:

  • a) Experience sharing with an ability to abstract tactical experiences to larger learnings & concepts
  • b) Strong people assessment skills & an innate empathy that allows me to understand the personality of a person, her or his fears & desires and be able to relate to their lives & aspirations
  • c) Awareness of the larger environment & circumstances thus allowing me to keep my coachees calibrated and not get carried away by visible/in the face successes or disappointments
  1. Managing Partner, seedX: High touch advisory firm & early stage angel fund (2015 to date)
  2. Director, InfraHedge, a subsidiary of State Street (2013 to 2015)
  3. Business Unit Head, Infosys BPO (2002-2013)
    • Run multiple business units besides the marketing function
    • P&L, Delivery, Client relationship ownership & large team ownership
    • Run large outsourcing program management
    • Sourced & sold some of the largest outsourcing deals of Infosys
  4. Consultant, Arthur Andersen (2000-2002)
  5. Finance Lead, Arvind Mills Ltd (1996-1998)

Education, Certifications, Faculty, Publications

  • PGDM, IIM Bangalore
  • Management Accountant, ICWAI

top Industries

  • Computer Technologies
  • Consulting
  • Financial
  • Professional Services

Top Specialties

  • Communication and Influence
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Experience as a Senior Executive
  • Managing Up Effectively
  • Presentation Skills
  • Stakeholder Engagement