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Having worked successfully with a wide range of people from the shop floor to the CEO for more than 25 years, Patrick is both comfortable and effective in a suit with financial services leaders and in jeans and t-shirt with technology leaders. His personal business experience and savvy lets clients know he understands the challenges of making tough day-to-day business decisions. He also recognizes how organizations and their cultures impact what leaders can and cannot do. His coaching skill and expertise helps them to do new and powerful things for their businesses and their people.

Clients choose to work with Patrick because he can quickly build rapport. Clients know he listens to their concerns with an open, yet experienced, mind. Clients continue to work with him because he helps them create impact. The clients he coaches are all top performers who need to learn some new moves to “take their game to the next level” or are leaders limited by their lack of organizational savvy or emotional blind spots. Patrick’s goal is to help these leaders understand what is important to them and to design and launch new, effective actions.

Most business leaders have highly developed domain expertise but are typically limited in one of three areas: thinking more strategically, engaging successfully with others, or executing successfully with a higher level of performance. The challenges Patrick helps his clients face most often and most successfully include stepping up to the plate as a leader, building more collaborative working relationships, and getting business results in tandem with people results.