OUR Mission

"TO Empower Good Business
through Inspiring Leadership."

Good Business is more than increasing the bottom line. Good business means contributing to the world in a positive way, enhancing the lives of employees, customers, and community members, and making a positive difference through what we have to offer.

What is Inspiring Leadership?

We asked the question "What is Inspiring Leadership, and what does it mean to you?" to working professionals from a variety of backgrounds, organizations, and industries.  Their responses provided valuable insight and prove that inspirational leadership can take on many different forms.  See for yourself by watching our collection of short Youtube Videos on the topic.   


Our logo is derived from an ancient symbol that exists across many cultures called "the seed of life."  Within each seed is the inspiration that enlivens and grows the good, the true, the better and the possible. We believe that great leaders plant the seeds of a positive and prosperous future. 

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Appreciation of Unique Strengths
We understand that one style doesn't make a whole team. We embrace difference and elicit contributions from multiple stakeholders. We believe in a "whole brain" approach, and a global perspective. We believe in working from our strengths.

We contribute to the welfare of our clients, to each other, to our greater community and to the world as a whole. We are committed to the Triple Bottom Line; measuring our impact on People, Planet, and Profit. 

We endeavor to make our work simple, straightforward, and smooth. We strive for clarity in all of our communication, both written and verbal. We follow clear procedures, focus on a clear vision of the future, and we challenge our clients to do the same.

We practice being thankful for our work, our colleagues, and our prosperity. We integrate ways to ritualize and celebrate gratitude.

We are committed to economic sustainability, to work practices that enliven and regenerate, and to contributing to a sustainable world.

Be the Change
We are role models for the phrase “be the change you wish to see in the world.”  This means whatever we wish to see in our clients, we strive for in ourselves. Whatever we teach, we are.