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Coaching and Experience

The bedrock of Michael’s coaching style hails from decades of athletic performance grooming. Transitioning from All-American collegiate tennis player to television director to business leader is a fascinating playbook for those pursuing high levels of competition.

Michael’s familiarity navigating the dynamics and challenges of corporate culture enables him to successfully coach clients towards peak performance, maximizing the individual’s personal effectiveness. Along the way, he helps them to optimize their communication. Engagements frequently use a diagnostic assay of quantitative and qualitative data. He is a proponent of trust and accountability, collaborative work environments and strength-based coaching. Outcomes are designed to foster flexibility, agility, adaptability and change-readiness.

Michael has been coaching for over 17 years, specializing in highly accomplished professionals: C-suite, Board Members, Partners, Business Owners, High-potential Leaders and Senior Executives. He is industry agnostic.

A representative sample of his coaching engagements include:

  • Executive Coaching & Leadership Development: Department Chair/Physician Leader of Multi-Specialty Medical Group created a climate of organizational discord by alienating peers and impeding staff productivity. Coaching supported physician leader to identify behavioral obstacles. Program enabled him to become more self-aware, responsible and "own" his impact on colleagues and staff. Executive altered disruptive management style. Improved communication skills enabled him to demonstrate respect for the team and build a constructive culture.
  • Executive Coaching & Culture integration: SVP of Media & Content faced a merger-related culture integration. A seamless and quick integration of this highly entrepreneurial American company into a global media and entertainment organization was crucial. Coaching program supported SVP to recognize, adopt and order the priorities of this new brand culture. Enhanced communication skills promoted clear and meaningful dialog with the C-Suite. Another potent outcome for both the executive and the organization was an increased effectiveness in the "upstream" and "downstream" relationships he cultivated with internal and external constituencies.
  • High Potential Executive Development: Global Accounting & Consulting firm recruited Senior Partner to build a new U.S. division. Shortly after engagement, executive was drawn into territorial and political battles, hampering his mission. At the outset, coaching helped Partner to crystallize his vision & goals, enhance his communication and presentation skills. The Partner's success depended on learning how to navigate between the reactive tactical mindset of an accountant and the proactive, strategic role required for a leader. After six months, Partner developed the requisite skills and confidence to present vision and business plan to a gathering of global partners. Outcome was the unanimous adoption by the global consulting group. Partner received unfettered support to expand division within subsequent 6 months.
  • Executive Coaching & Leadership Development: BOD member needed preparation to assume the role of Co- Chairman of a healthcare organization. Coaching program focused on the opportunity, breadth and scope of his new position and development of a leadership style that would mentor the organization towards a prosperous future.

Business/Organizational Leadership Experience

As President/Co-founder of an e-commerce company, Michael assembled a world-class team of technologists to develop a groundbreaking website with a customization backend, changing the paradigm of the marketplace for personalized product. He embraced his role to coach CEO/Co-founder to transition from an entrepreneur to a leader, confidently empowering his very capable team to execute his vision. Coaching of other C-suite executives demonstrated improved clarity of communication, presentation skills and interpersonal relationships.

Engaged to consult on the viability of a regional ISP, Michael re-engineered business model to create a sustainable and marketable offering. After his appointment as Co-founder/President, he coached founding CEO and senior executives around roles & responsibilities, company’s values, culture & brand.

Education, Certifications, Faculty, Publications

  • Rice University, BA in Architectural Design, Fine Arts and Political Science. 
  • Coach training and certification from CTI
  • Additional training and certifications in assessment instruments and methodologies include the Hogan, Human Synergistics, Tilt365 and Realise2 Strengths tools
  • Professional Affiliations; International Coach Federation; Directors Guild of America

Industry Experience

  • Media/ Entertainment
  • Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Healthcare
  • Accounting
  • Consulting
  • Advertising
  • Fashion
  • Retail
  • Financial Services
  • Private Equity/ Venture Capital
  • Real Estate
  • Manufacturing
  • Social Networks
  • Public Relations

Areas of Expertise

  • 360 Assessment
  • C-Suite Leader Coaching
  • Executive Presence
  • Communication and Influence
  • Innovation and Creative Problem-Solving
  • Presentation Skills
  • Physician Leader Coaching
  • High Potential Leader Coaching
  • High Performing Organizations
  • Derailment Management for High Value Leaders
  • Experience as a Senior Executive
  • Experience as an Entrepreneur
  • Executive Assessment
  • Executive Coaching
  • Managing and Leading Change
  • Navigating Organizational Politics
  • Managing Up Effectively
  • On-boarding Coaching for Executives in New Roles
  • Strengths-based Leadership Development
  • Succession Planning and Talent Management
  • Creating Rapport with Difficult Colleagues
  • Ethics, Trust, and Values Based Business
  • Values, Mission, Vision Facilitation
  • Team Facilitation
  • Teambuilding