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Coaching Biography: 

I hold an active CIA Top Secet SCI clearance with full lifestyle poly for the next five years. I have coached members of the Intelligence Community and Department of State internationally. My clients have spanned many of the organizations of the intelligence community, including DNI, CIA, NRO, DIA, NGA, NSA, FBI, and US military, including some members of special forces. I have coached those both in and outside of the intelligence community, of whom most are senior executives across the US government, especially in high profile and high stress positions. I coach levels up to and including Undersecretsries of Defense, Insoector Generals, as well as SES and SIS officers across the following government organizations: SBA, NIST, DOC, DOS, DOI, HHS. I have coached C-suite executives such as ClO's and CEO's. I have extensive experience coaching Inspector Generals as well.Please feel free to read the testimonials on the clients' page of my website.

I draw on my 33 years of executive managerial experience in the CIA as a female engineer and eight years of corporate experience in P&G and Edison Electric Institute to relate to experiences which my clients face.

I have a pretty unique combination of being a female engineer with an MBA and zeal for new technologies and the environment. I worked in the CIA in all Directorates for 33 years, and was a strategic planning specialist, creating the first plan for their Directorate of Science and Technology. Regarding leadership, my passion is for mentoring and improving leadership competencies at all levels in a large workforce. I have done so for over 20 years in the CIA. 

I founded mentoring programs for the CIA, one of which won their 2014 Mentoring Program of the Year. I often find mentoring approaches for clients in their workplace which helps them succeed faster than others. 

In sum, both as a lifelong experienced manager and exceptionally experienced executive coach, I have experienced just about every situation a client might face. My strength is in helping clients face and deal with severely stressful, complex situations in management and leadership, deal with a worldwide situation of complex cultures and relationships, and achieve their goals and success in record time. 

Because I have travelled to over 100 countries and understand the challenges for US citizens dealing in these cultures, I have successfully supported officers worldwide facing cultural and diplomatic challenges.

I am extremely versatile in helping first line managers to the most senior officers in the government, and use a whole person approach to understanding what the person is facing. I would love to help your clients facing transition, downsizing, any international leadership challenges

I ensure and review confidentiality and ethical understanding because I am often assigned the most sensitive clients in highly political situations.

I use a whole person approach and situational evaluation to determine the pace and approach for each client. Because I am certified in about 25 assessments, I use whatever assessments their company uses, as well as 360 feedback evaluations, often those through OPM, to help the person evaluate and frame the competencies which are the most important for the person to take advantage of. I use a positive approach emphasizing what works for them, and build on their strengths. This approach makes it always fun for them as they see great progress with skills they already have while working on development areas.

I work with my clients to co-create their goals, and ensure they really have goals which are tied into their value system. I help the person realize the value system in their life, not just at work.

Each session has three parts where we (1) review what field work they have done since the last session, (2) ensure the strategy is still on target for their goal, discuss revelations and lessons learned from the field work, as well as other learnings, and (3) then set up the next course of action and field work before our next discussion. This methodology allows the client to modify their approach and achieve their goals in record time, often then setting next sets of goals faster than they ever thought possible. As a result, I help them achieve an excellent ROI.

I work with clients virtually, however many have been clients I have met personally and am open to face to face meetings via Skype or FaceTime if required. Many clients are international and virtual sessions are preferred during off hours

Education, Certifications, Faculty, Publications

  • Board Certifed Coach from the Center of Credentialing and Education
  • Environmental science and systems engineering undergraduate degree from the Johns Hopkins University, 
  • Masters in Adminitrative Science also from JHU, major in Marketing
  • Strategic planning specialist
  • Program management, senior level
  • Procurement specialist, (COTR/COR) contracting officer technical representative, top level for the CIA, 30 years
  • 4 years as an engineering manager for the Procter & Gamble Corporation
  • 4 years as Director of Engineering for the Electric Vehicle Council, Edison Electric Institute
  • 33 years as an engineering manager, CIA, DNI, and NRO.
  • Final position prior to retirement in Dec. 2016: Director of Liaison, Strategic Studies Group, Director of National Intelligence
  • Four times nominated as CIA Mentor of the Year
  • Recipient of CIA Career Commendation Medal
  • Named one of the "Outstanding Women of the CIA
  • Recipient of DNI Meritorious Unit Citation

top Industries

  • Communications
  • Government
  • Other

Top Specialties

  • C-Suite Leader Coaching
  • Executive Presence
  • Coaching for Executives in New Roles
  • Strategic Planning Facilitation
  • Strengths-based Leadership Development