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For twenty-five years, Lawrence has served as an executive coach, organizational consultant, seminar leader, and keynote speaker helping executives, teams, and organizations to improve individual performance as well as team and organizational effectiveness.

His focus on real-world strategy and results has repeatedly enabled clients to achieve outstanding business results, such as the most successful product in the 30-year history of one of the largest companies in its class, a leading-edge organization redesign saving millions of dollars, and a product cited as an industry innovation. His extensive repertoire of transformational practices supports leaders with the “inner transformations” that they need to “be the change.” Further, he can work with senior leaders from a position of been-there-done-that empathy, given the range of senior leadership roles he has previously played, from Director to Executive in the Private and Public Benefits sectors.

With a deep commitment to leaving the world a better place for future generations, he supports leaders in making Triple Bottom Line results (People, Planet, Profit) an integral part of their work.