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Coaching Speciality

Ken Kesslin is an executive coach, trainer and facilitator, specializing in leadership development and organizational effectiveness. More than a decade of corporate experience in finance, investment banking, sales and management, as well as fourteen years working as a clinically trained psychotherapist, has given him a unique perspective, one that allows him to help his clients integrate their business and personal goals. He is especially effective in guiding leaders to think strategically and balance their focus on people and profit. 

Ken is a gifted listener and trusted confidant. Clients say that his ability to share challenging feedback with care and compassion allows them to hear the truth and motivates them to change. He helps individuals gain deep clarity about their personal purpose and then understand how that clarity can empower their leadership. 

Ken is certified in the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), The Leadership Circle Profile 360TM, and The Hay Group's Emotional & Social Competence Inventory (ESCI) 360. Ken co-designed and led two national coach training programs. His clients have included Anglo American Mining, AstraZeneca, Citigroup, Duke Corporate Education, The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, PricewaterhouseCoopers, The US Army, Turner Broadcasting and Yahoo!. 

Ken has worked with executive leaders and their teams in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa. He speaks fluent Portuguese.


Since working as a Wall Street Investment Banker in the 1980s and then a Clinical Social Worker in the 1990s, I’ve been combining business experience with people wisdom to support extraordinary leaders for almost 20 years.

Living in Philadelphia for ten years and New York City for twenty years before that, I’ve met a lot people who think they’re great leaders – and a few of them actually are. I’ve gotten to know who’s the real deal and who’s not; who’s full of potential and who’s just full of themselves. In my experience, one thing great leaders value is the truth, especially when it’s about them and the things they need to change. So I’ve developed a fairly sophisticated “BS meter” that I use to save my clients valuable time in their leadership development.

Coaching Approach

So what distinguishes outstanding leaders? Current research points to emotional intelligence as a crucial factor. And the foundation of emotional intelligence is self-awareness. Without that, you’re lost as a leader in today’s VUCA – volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous – world.

It all starts with self-awareness

I help leaders develop greater self-awareness along with a deeper connection to their soul – to the essence of who they are. If that sounds airy-fairy or New Agey to you, I understand. It sounds that way to me too sometimes. But I know that connecting directly to your essence – the core of who you are – is the most powerful way to generate dramatic and successful change for an individual leader, a team, or an entire organization.

If you know yourself well – you’re clear on what motivates you and the future vision you want to create – and you operate with a high degree of self-awareness, you’ll produce dramatic results, consistently. The idea is simple; the process of getting there can be challenging.

Leadership can be learned

Since leadership is a set of mindsets and skills that can be developed, everyone has the potential to become an extraordinary leader. Some people have the advantage of innate talent, but that’s not required. What is required is a deep commitment to personal growth and change – having the courage and determination to truly become the best possible version of yourself.

My role as a coach is to help you uncover your personal motivation for leadership – your “leadership soul” – and then support you through the challenges of your own development.

Business Background

I have an eclectic business background that includes Financial Services (Investment Banking Analyst & Investment Sales Manager), Healthcare (Adolescent Medicine Clinic Manager), Non-Profit Leadership Development, followed by 20 years running my own Consulting/Coaching company.

Education, Certifications, Faculty, Publications

  • BA Economics, BA Psychology - Stanford University - 1981
  • MSW Clinical Social Work - New York University - 1990
  • Clinical Certificate in Eriksonian Hypnotherapy - 1992

Top 5 Industries

  • Banking/Finance
  • Energy
  • Entertainment
  • Healthcare
  • Professional Services

Top 5 Specialties

  • C-Suite Leader Coaching
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Executive Presence
  • Mindfulness at Work
  • Navigating Organizational Politics