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Karen believes that, in the words of Warren Bennis, “The process of becoming a leader is similar, if not identical, to becoming a fully integrated human being.”

People choose to work with Karen because of her real world experience gained over 20 years. In her last executive role, Karen was Managing Director of Operations and Technology for Harris myCFO. Prior to that, she held management positions with Silicon Graphics, Standard & Poor's, and Merrill Lynch. With skillful and empathic listening and an ability to pinpoint issues with an eagle eye, she excels at helping executives gain the flexibility they need to meet the personal and professional challenges required to lead organizations in today’s complex world.

Acting as a sounding board, co-inquirer, and thought partner, Karen helps to clarify intentions, surface and test assumptions, explore alternatives, and focus energy. Blind spots and gaps in reasoning are revealed so that insights can be translated into action that yields increased personal and organizational performance.

Karen works with her clients to develop an expanded repertoire of strategies to maximize strengths and address specific challenges, increase resourcefulness, cultivate emotional intelligence and the capacity to self-observe, and learn to express thoughts and ideas in a way that elicits the partnership of others. As a result, they can access their own internal wisdom and respond with greater skill, satisfaction, and effectiveness.

Education, Certifications, Faculty, Publications

  • Certified mediator

Industry Experience

  • Financial Services
  • Technology
  • Nonprofits
  • Education