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The focus of John’s professional life is helping people turn ideas into action, whether those ideas lurk in the back of their minds or are taking form within their organizations. He believes that people generally have all of the knowledge and insights they need to achieve what they want, but that they sometimes need help in clarifying what that is and, then, how to harness their existing capabilities to achieve their goals.

John coaches and consults with C-suite and other senior executives and their leadership teams, and he particularly enjoys working with those who have science, engineering or technology-related backgrounds. He is skilled in helping executives and their management teams acquire practical communication habits, often breaking down barriers that have been in place for years. He also enjoys working with people ready to make a signiFicant step forward in their careers or to move in new directions.

Mr. Eggert ran a consulting and publishing business of his own for over 15 years, serving primarily Fortune 500 clients, which he then sold to his partners to focus exclusively on executive coaching. For three years, he was the national board president of a 24,000 member volunteer organization. He also served as faculty or adjunct faculty of the graduate school of education at Syracuse University for over ten years.

John has focused his career on understanding how organizations work and what people can do to be successful within them. He is currently putting the Finishing touches on a book that focuses on why organizational initiatives tend to fail and what leaders can do to mitigate the risks inherent in such initiatives.