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Jaqui is a fully qualified executive coach with over ten years experience in coaching & development and sixteen years in executive search, commercial sales, operational management, training and development roles. Her clients include CEOs, directors, SME owners and entrepreneurs across private, public and NFP/charity organizations. Her approach is based on the fact that every client is unique and faces individual challenges, obstacles and goals. She therefore designs a program based solely on the client’s values, drivers and ultimate desired outcomes. Her coaching programs are pragmatic and action- based, producing tangible and measurable results, development and progress.

A positive, confident and energetic individual, Jaqui has a wealth of management and business experience including general management, coaching, mentoring, training, development, HR, operations, recruitment and sales. Jaqui has a direct and focused approach. She possesses excellent communication skills with the ability to develop effective interpersonal relationship at all levels to maximize results. She has a proven track record of achieving desired results for the organization, team or individual.