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While Ian's foundation in the behavioral sciences was built earning his Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology, his passion for coaching and developing organizational leaders was crafted through more than a decade of working alongside business and functional leaders in Fortune 500 organizations.

His executive coaching style is described by the phrase "truth-talk", which is reflected in his focus on straight and direct conversation seeking a greater sense of objective reality for his clientele. Ian believes that an individual's ability to adapt successfully to the pace of organizational change is dependent on the capacity to be sharply aware of his or her environment.  This self-assessment process creates a powerful force to enable an individual to create a clear vision of the future through the identification of action plans. Further, Ian strongly believes in the importance of bringing one's "whole-self" to work and the positive organizational outcomes associated with leadership demonstrating active support for diversity. 

Ian’s commitment to helping others grow extends beyond the walls of organizations to the halls of academia where he is an adjunct professor who frequently teaches both graduate and undergraduate courses in Organizational Culture, Team Conflict Resolution and Organizational Assessment.  His experience includes the coaching of senior leaders as well as identified high-potential leaders in organizations.  Ian has contributed to the success of and has lead teams in, the consumer products, entertainment, financial services, technology/software and utilities sectors.

Ian's areas of research interest include leadership assessment tools, the influence of personality variables on workplace initiatives, and the relationship between "EQ" and leadership development.