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Helfried is a senior consultant and executive coach based in Munich, Germany. His mission is to help successful leaders stretch their scope of competencies and acquire new levels of skills. His basic assumption is: "The better one becomes the easier it will be to be and to stay successful." He helps leaders not only to develop in the functional arena but also to develop as mature persons, and to express their talents and resources to the fullest.

Helfried has coached and trained leaders in Europe, Middle East and the US. He has helped senior executives grow their businesses, teams and organizations, and to develop as leaders and influencers. He is also an expert in achievement-oriented mental training for sports pros and has been involved in designing and delivering numerous team learning experiences in corporate and non-profit sectors. He trains project directors and project managers to run their projects efficiently and effectively by leading through excellence, vision and convincing leadership behavior. His work is based on a systemic understanding of people and organizations. He follows a very hands-on behavioral approach to personal development and growth of competence. His clients describe him as easy to connect with, firm in following up action-items and commitments and very supportive in finally reaching the desired goals.

Since 2004 Helfried has run numerous “Coaching as a Manager” classes for a global software company. In 2008 he joined the faculty of the Center for Creative Leadership EMEA and trains in the Leadership Development Program.