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Graham Pellettieri is the Operations Director for Sloan Group International, and first joined the team in November of 2012. He handles technology, systems, operations, and some administrative components for the company and enjoys supporting SGI's mission of developing leaders in an ever-changing world.

Graham has a strong background in technology, computers, and website design, and worked as an Integration Technician for AudioVisions prior to joining SGI. While working in this capacity, he learned the ins & outs of smart homes, including integrating technology, audio, video, lighting, networking, and automation solutions in high-end, residential houses. Graham has extensive experience and a strong passion for building and designing websites for small businesses, and he enjoys helping people utilize and develop technological solutions to simplify and empower their lives. 

As a published author, editor, and blogger, Graham has a wealth of experience as a professional writer and editor. He worked for String Letter Publishing for four years as a Music Editor, and frequently wrote articles for Strings magazine, Teen Strings magazine, and other publications. He helped contributing authors develop their articles and writing skills, and edited their writing in preparation for publication in print and online.

Graham is also a passionate entrepreneur and avid outdoorsman who has his own outdoor recreation brand, Trail Legend, that focuses on creating durable, lightweight, and innovative products for outdoor enthusiasts who love to hit the trail. He works part-time on the business and has built the brand entirely from scratch.

Graham currently works from home in Santa Rosa, CA where he and his wife enjoy the outdoors and beauty of sunny, Sonoma County.

Education, Certifications, Faculty, Publications

  • Loyola Marymount University, Los Angles, CA - Bachelor of Arts, Music.

Industry Experience

  • Publishing
  • Social Networks
  • Technology

Areas of Expertise

  • Experience as an Entrepreneur
  • Client Relationship Management