We all face challenges when called to leadership.  There may be personal problems (i.e the pressure to support a family, health issues, or insecurity about taking on a new role with greater responsibility to more people ). There may be team issues (i.e. reorganization and confusion about employee roles, demoralization due to low stock prices, or reduced productivity caused by absenteeism).  There may be organizational difficulties (i.e. downsizing, mergers & acquisition, priority shifts in tough times, or overwhelming production demands due to exponential growth).

Research shows that the expression of human potential and internal strength correlates with an individual’s response to adversity.  Resilient leaders are those who adapt, change, tolerate ambiguity, and perceive challenges as opportunities to re-invent themselves, and resilient organizations are no different.  Leading a resilient organization takes courage, focus, and the ability to engage followers in walking a purposeful path that may change in an instant.  Sloan Group International has conducted original research on resilience and leadership, and we address what is now known about cultivating our ability to bounce back from change or challenge in how we work with our clients.

In the current economy, in all kinds of organizations, leaders are challenged to help their teams prevail despite uncertainty.  Joining the Resilience Project helps leaders to:

  • Endure in a sometimes hostile business environment
  • Adapt to new or uncertain circumstances
  • Develop self-awareness and enhance resilience attributes, and
  • Look at the lemons of present circumstances and see lemonade

This one-day session includes individual assessments, short lectures, and experiential exercises.  Participants leave with tools and strategies for effectively leading change, adapting to ambiguity and the unknown, and developing change-readiness in their organization.  Participants also receive a copy of Lemonade: The Leader’s Guide to Resilience at Work that includes case-studies of successful leaders and over thirty practical tools for leaders and managers to implement on their own or with their teams.


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