We each have our own personal patterns of response in conflict, which are often learned early in life—our conflict style.  The people most effective in conflict pay attention to their conflict style and hone it.  Recognizing life as a journey of endless growth, they use conflict as an opportunity to strengthen and deepen themselves in ways that really matter.

Regardless of your calling,  working on your conflict style is one of the most rewarding ways to improve your life and your organization.  By bringing reflection, new knowledge, and new skills to these patterns, you can make conflict an opportunity for profound growth. Does your individual or team behavior change significantly as things escalate from disagreement to high intensity conflict?  This can confuse others and reduce trust. Our goal is to assist teams to develop higher trust that leads to better results. This doesn’t mean reducing conflict - it means leveraging conflict to encourage better thinking, greater innovation, and more powerful team effort.

Read the Making Conflict Work flyer to find out more.

Program Results

  • Awareness of our unique conflict style and how it shows up at work. 
  • Strategies for shifting team mood and performance through managing conflict effectively. 
  • Focus on recent research in positive neuroscience that, if leveraged, can change the way we work.
  • Quick responses to conflict from a place of strength and confidence. 
  • Participants walk away with three or more practical tools to use immediately on their own or with their teams.


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